Alane Suhr

Frequently Asked Questions

PhD Admissions

Are you taking new students? Yes! I am hoping to admit new 2-3 students during the 2023 application cycle.

How should I indicate interest in working with you? In the official application form, I don't believe my name is listed yet. Please select Dan Klein as a potential advisor in that form, and mention my name in your SOP.

Can we set up a time to discuss PhD opportunities? Sorry, but I'm not able to meet individually with people considering applying to the PhD.

Can you give advice or feedback on my application? I cannot, but there is a student-led program in Berkeley EECS for providing feedback about application materials to applicants. The deadline for 2023 admissions has passed already, but if you are interested for future years, please see the EAAA website.

Will you take students starting in Spring 2023? No. Berkeley EECS admissions are yearly, with all new students matriculated in the Fall semester. I will begin working with admitted students starting in Fall 2023.

What if I have a question about the MS program? I unfortunately don't have answers to any questions about Berkeley MS programs. Please see this page, which contains information about all of the graduate programs.

Advising and Consulting

What is your future research plan? Broadly, my research focuses on building computational models of language use and acquisition in interaction. This has mostly included topics like models of language grounding in vision and embodied environments, learning algorithms for interaction-driven learning, and dataset curation for understanding natural human language use in interaction. However, my research plan is not fixed in place, and the broadest interpretation of my research interest includes a wide variety of questions about language that I haven't studied in the past. I am open to working on new compelling and fundamental problems in language and interaction. You can also check out my (Fall 2021) research statement for some more details.

Are you taking postdocs, interns, or other research positions? I am not planning to hire for these kinds of positions within the next year (2023), including at AI2.

Do you have 30 minutes for a quick chat about a startup venture? Probably not.