Alane Suhr

/əˈleɪn ˈsuəɹ/

Young Investigator
Mosaic at the Allen Institute for AI

(Starting July 2023)
Assistant Professor
Berkeley EECS

publications CV (pdf)

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I am currently a Young Investigator at AI2 on the Mosaic team (led by Yejin Choi), based in Seattle, WA. In July 2023, I will join UC Berkeley EECS as an Assistant Professor.

In 2022, I received my PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University, based at Cornell Tech in New York, NY, and advised by Yoav Artzi. In 2016, I graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Linguistics.

My research spans natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision. I build systems that use language to interact with people, e.g., in collaborative interactions (like CerealBar). I design models and datasets that address and represent problems in language grounding (e.g., NLVR). I also develop learning algorithms for systems that learn language through interaction.

My email address is Before cold-emailing me, please check if your question is frequently asked. I don't have the bandwidth to reply to every email I receive, so if the answer to your question is on this page, I will not be able to reply individually.

Workshop on Theory of Mind at ICML 2023

I'm co-organizing the ToM workshop at ICML 2023. It will take place July 28, 2023 at ICML. Please consider submitting! Submission deadline is May 26, and details on submissions are available at the workshop website.

News and Events

June 19 Invited talk at CVPR Workshop on Open-Domain Reasoning Under Multi-Modal Settings (O-DRUM) Vancouver, BC
July 26 Invited talk at CogSci workshop: How does the mind discover useful abstractions? virtual
July 28 Co-organizing ICML workshop: TOM: Theory of Mind in Communicating Agents Honolulu, Hawaiʻi
October 2 or 3 Invited talk at ICCV workshop on Closing the Loop between Vision and Language (CLVL)
April 20 Guest lecture at CMU 11-777 virtual
April 13 Guest lecture at UT Austin CS 378 virtual
March 3 Guest lecture at UW CS 447 virtual
December 15 Invited talk at CoRL Workshop on Language and Robot Learning virtual
December 2 Co-organizing NeurIPS Workshop: InterNLP: Interactive Learning for NLP New Orleans, LA
October 23 Invited talk at ECCV Workshop on Language for 3D Scenes virtual
October 21 Guest speaker at UW Computational Linguistics Lab virtual
September 9 Invited talk at BAIR Trust, Equity, and Grounded Language Workshop virtual
August 22 Dissertation defense (recording) New York, NY
July 15 Invited talk at NAACL Workshop on Multimodal Artificial Intelligence Seattle, WA
July 14 Invited talk at SemEval Seattle, WA
May 4 Job talk at AI2 virtual
May 2 Job talk at UT Austin CS Austin, TX
April 28 Job talk at HuggingFace New York, NY
April 17 Job talk at Microsoft Research virtual
April 11 Job talk at CMU LTI Pittsburgh, PA
April 7 Job talk at University of Waterloo CS virtual
April 5 Job talk at GATech School of IC virtual
April 4 Job talk at Boston University CS virtual
March 30 Job talk at Northwestern CS virtual
March 29 Job talk at UChicago Data Science virtual
March 23 Job talk at UPenn CIS Philadelphia, PA
March 22 Job talk at Rutgers CS virtual
March 17 Job talk at Yale CS virtual
March 14 Job talk at JHU CS virtual
March 8 Job talk at UC Berkeley CS virtual
March 2 Job talk at TTIC Chicago, IL
February 28 Job talk at SFU CS virtual
February 24 Guest speaker at Stanford NLP seminar virtual
February 23 Job talk at UMass Amherst CICS virtual
February 9 Presented Effenberger et al. 2022 at SCiL virtual
January 20 Guest speaker at NRL Reasoning Lunch virtual
December 9 Guest speaker at Cornell CS Colloquium Ithaca, NY
November 17 Guest speaker at NLP with Friends (recording) virtual
November 20 Tutorial at EMNLP, Crowdsourcing Beyond Annotation: Case Studies in Benchmark Data Collection (recordings) virtual
June 10 Co-organizing NAACL Workshop: VIGIL: Visually Grounded Interaction and Language virtual
May 21 Guest speaker at DeepMind NLP reading group virtual